It’s a word that we hear a lot in our industry.  
We all know it’s crucial to a successful business, but the very nature of change is scary.  
Many years ago, when Parts-Grabber was formed, we always envisioned the company serving only businesses.  
Throughout the last 2-3 years, however, we have spoken with thousands of companies within the industry and asked the tough questions about how our service/site could be better.  Overwhelmingly, we seemed to hear the same two things.  

1. “When are you guys going to open up your site to consumers?”
2. “Why hasn’t anyone created a service that simply CONNECTS all buyers and sellers on a Year/Make/Model level?”


Every1Connect brings the entire automotive industry–consumers and enthusiasts included–together in a way never done or even thought of before.

Imagine a service where companies never again have to “search” for customers and consumers don’t have to search for parts. You are simply connected automatically.

It works very much like a “dating” website. Consumers (and businesses) login, create a profile and are automatically connected with everyone in the industry they should and could be doing business with.

But it goes far beyond simply making a connection…

This extremely valuable connection service is going to save companies thousands of dollars (literally) on an annual basis and forever change how the entire industry markets their products and services.

It’ll save consumers time, money and headaches.

You have access to a live feed of everything going on in your automotive world.

For example, if you drive a 2011 Mustang GT, when you login to Every1Connect, you’ll see everything for your car all in one place. If it doesn’t pertain to your car–you don’t see it! You not only have live access to a growing database of connections, you can also see all of their news, updates, press releases, specials and announcements in real time. No spam. No flooded email inboxes.

In other words, for years, we’ve all been doing this backwards. It’s about time everyone gets connected!